EU28 and rest of the world

In fiscal year 2016, the Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt (KBA – German Federal Motor Transport Authority) issued official approvals needed for modification of the Volkswagen Group vehicles fitted with four-cylinder EA 189 1.2 l, 1.6 l and 2.0 l diesel engines falling within its remit. Only the approval of the technical solutions for 14 thousand vehicles is still outstanding, which is expected to be granted in the first quarter of 2017.

The KBA ascertained for all approved clusters (groups of vehicles) that implementation of the technical solutions would not bring about any unfavorable changes in fuel consumption, engine power, torque and noise emissions. Once the modifications have been made, these vehicles will thus comply with all legal requirements and the emission standards applicable in each case.

The SEAT brand received approvals in principle from its respective type approval authority, the Ministry of Industry in Spain in the fiscal year 2016.

The type approval authority for the ŠKODA brand is the Vehicle Certification Agency in the United Kingdom. The approval process for ŠKODA vehicles is still ongoing.

In some countries outside the EU – among others Switzerland, Australia, South Korea, Taiwan and Turkey – national type approval is based on prior recognition of the EC/ECE type approval. We are also in close contact with the authorities in these countries in order to finalize the approval process.

We are now working expeditiously to implement the technical solutions in the field. In agreement with the relevant authorities, the owners of the affected vehicles will be notified and can then make an appointment for modification in an authorized workshop.

The implementation of the technical solution for the highest-volume variant – the 2.0 l TDI engine – began already in January 2016. The 1.2 l TDI followed in the course of the year. A software update is being performed for these engine versions. The implementation phase for the recall of the 1.6 l TDI engine began in November 2016, which provided additional lead time necessary for the hardware modification. In the 1.6 l TDI engines, a “flow transformer” will be fitted in front of the air mass sensor to improve the sensor’s measuring accuracy. Combined with updated software, this will optimize the amount of diesel injected. Based on current planning, implementation of measures will take the 2017 calendar year to complete. Volkswagen guarantees that the solutions will be implemented free of charge for our customers.

In addition, Volkswagen AG has, until December 31, 2017, expressly waived citation of the statute of limitations with regard to any claims made in relation to the software installed in vehicles with engines of type EA 189 by vehicle customers outside the United States and Canada.