33 Cash flow statement

Cash flows are presented in the cash flow statement classified into cash flows from operating activities, investing activities and financing activities, irrespective of the balance sheet classification.

Cash flows from operating activities are derived indirectly from earnings before tax. Earnings before tax are adjusted to eliminate noncash expenditures (mainly depreciation, amortization and impairment losses) and income. Other noncash income and expense results mainly from measurement effects in connection with financial instruments and to fair value changes relating to hedging transactions (see section entitled “Other financial result”). This results in cash flows from operating activities after accounting for changes in working capital, which also include changes in lease assets and in financial services receivables.

Investing activities include additions to property, plant and equipment and equity investments, additions to capitalized development costs and investments in securities, loans and time deposits.

Financing activities include outflows of funds from dividend payments and redemption of bonds, inflows from the capital increases and issuance of bonds, and changes in other financial liabilities. Please refer to the “Equity” section for information on the inflows from the issuance of hybrid capital in March 2015 in the amount of €2,457 million contained in the capital contributions.

The changes in balance sheet items that are presented in the cash flow statement cannot be derived directly from the balance sheet, as the effects of currency translation and changes in the consolidated Group are noncash transactions and are therefore eliminated.

In 2016, cash flows from operating activities include interest received amounting to €6,364 million (previous year: €6,619 million) and interest paid amounting to €2,716 million (previous year: €2,440 million). Cash flows from operating activities also include dividend payments received from joint ventures and associates of €3,613 million (previous year: €4,704 million).

Dividends amounting to €68 million (previous year: €2,294 million) were paid to Volkswagen AG shareholders.

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Dec. 31, 2016


Dec. 31, 2015






Cash, cash equivalents and time deposits as reported in the balance sheet





Time deposits





Cash and cash equivalents as reported in the cash flow statement





Time deposits are not classified as cash equivalents. Time deposits have a contractual maturity of more than three months. The maximum default risk corresponds to its carrying amount.