Professional development, leadership and management programs

The Volkswagen Group Academy offers a broad range of qualification routes for specialists – from advanced training on general Company-related issues to training within the vocational groups to personal development programs. Here, too, the focus is on the basic dual training principle, which combines learning of theoretical content with practical experience.

We have standardized a large number of our development programs and selection processes for executives, foremen and managers across the Group. The Volkswagen Group Academy carried out a total of around 615 training programs and assessment centers for executives, foremen and managers in 15 countries in the reporting period.

Impact of digitalization on training

New technologies can usefully complement learning and the transfer of expertise. As the central training organization in the Group, the Volkswagen Group Academy incorporates this idea into different projects. In the digitalXperience program, the content and learning formats of the dual vocational training are reviewed for digitalization opportunities with a view to making vocational training fit for the future. These measures are flanked by skills development among the teaching staff at the Volkswagen Group Academy.

In parallel, the Volkswagen Group Academy is setting up an Education Lab designed to create stronger ties with education start-ups and translate the findings of the educational research into new technologies. These will then be tested in conjunction with the teaching staff and the students at Volkswagen to aid learning and the transfer of expertise.